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moshe commented on Fortified Yogurt made by and for Families

I think that the small scale production of yogurt you show in the DIY video requires more equipment than might be available for a poor family. The cooler, gas/electric stove (which gives of steady heat and enables good temperature control) and thermometer are elementary objects in the developed world but they might be hard to come by in poor third world homes.
In my opinion your idea can benefit greatly from using a maker/hacker community such as Instructables to come up with ways to build cheap and simple equipment.


moshe commented on Educational Divide Starts From Infancy

An additional question that I think should be asked is: what kind of "education" will be the most useful for the children and the community?
considering the lack of time and resources it might be more realistic to create a trade oriented curriculum, which might have the added advantage of being perceived as more useful by the parents and that, in turn, might encourage their participation in the process.


moshe commented on [Global Conversations] Help Empower Girls today

Any discussion regarding the empowerment of women should address the issue of violence towards them, which can be a very common problem in traditional societies. To encourage a young woman to go against tradition without providing the right conditions, either by educating the man of the community or by providing support and protection, i.e. law enforcement and social services, might be dangerous.