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monica commented on PPE Design Retrofit

self stick contact on outer layers - no zippers - enough contact strength to last the shift. Think burrito wrappings/ house flashing and counter flashing. peeland stick.
non-toxic liquid rubber to seal immediate improvised field PPE - sprayed over last layer - seals all gaps and completely water tight ---not sure if there is a quick drying version yet - but just the idea of some sort of final liquid applied outer membrane......

so how about reversing the liquid membrane idea. use the wicking layers and investigate cooling technologies. Perhaps a liquid rubber can be applied over outer layer, making it completely water tight. This can be adapted to the immediate existing and field improvised PPE out in the field.

The one piece suit makes good sense but zippers provide problems. how about an entirely different closing and sealing system. Think double sided tape - peel and stick (a buddy would have to cut you loose!).....think food wrapping - automated. how about a machine that wrap worker outer layer - and unwrap.
Sounds silly - but look at weather proofing is done in buildings....flashing, counter flashing.....combine with self adhesive on (spray glues provide instant large contact surfaces.

another.....with the walk in one piece over suits and sealed from the about a type of walk in vacuum cubicle to assist with removing and disinfecting or disposing.....outer layer sucked off as it has water tight surface....allow for air to enter and it should separate from permeable inner super engineered cooling fabrics.
pardon the "all over place thoughts" but had to get it out on the run.

is it possible to investigate a liquid membrane that allows skin to breathe as a first layer on the body. it can be applied on skin, then other layers of protective gear can be worn over it.....and later, be rinsed off with non-toxic gel or liquid. Think liquid membranes on houses - a liquid form of nitrile glove but that can breathe.....