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Working in Tanzania? If your organization is working in Tanzania and interested in collaboration please contact us.

Apart of APHFTA or in collaboration with the Tanzanian MOHSW? Let's connect.

Are you a corporation doing any of the services in the attachment above "2012 CRS purpose codes? ...And want to have a free subscription to the FTOCT which feels just like QuickBooks (as we are Intuit developers) but with these perks of being having your tax requirements done globally visible to other organizations with and internal communication hub, and to donors, government and crowds. This tool is made to relieve financial administration burden, connect you with our piers and facilitate your communication (who’s doing what, how well and where) and join a global benchmark of transparency (let’s do away with the billions of wasted resources. Let’s be transparent and create a global benchmark and tackle corruption in global relief efforts of all kinds. We as a connected transparent community dedicated to global relief work can end poverty with proper flow of our current resources).

We are expanding from our current site inside the slum to a site that through our partnership with then MOHSW will have a 21st century Eco- health campus with hospital, solar medical van for outreach with clean water facilities and agriculture.  People started eating junk food because they didn't have power to boil water to wash vegetables. With wonderful examples of the gabiotas and Milawe societies in more rural areas, we a bring these technologies to the slum but using local NGOs and a community board  with rotating leadership that shares in ownership and decisions.  The staffing of the projects are the inhabitants of the slums.   We welcome any other questions. And how is your work going?

Thank you Ms Ume for your question. The Webster definition of resilience is : the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens
: the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.  

The slum in the Minazi area of Dar-Es-Salaam is home and haven to  250k people with dignity, grace, joy and pain and struggle.  They have been stretched, bent, pressed and pulled.  We bring them resources that cultivate their development and empower them with jobs that support their being mothers who can work at home, renewable energy, clean water and agriculture for families to be autonomous, free education and technology for children.  The  FTOCT facilitaates  local organizations  who understand their local culture and tradition, through the FTOCT training programs, and through the MEP free health education.  These tools create the systems which are lacking to bring needed resources. Otherwise even the most successful effort is dependent on external support. Part of the 21st century life vision we have is for healthy self sustaining collaborative individuals within healthy self sustaining  collaborative families within health self sustaining collaborative communities. The people themselves become the catalysts for change.  Only the people know the "shape" that is original to themselves.  Their direct participation and involvement is integral and critical to the resilience of any effort. What better modalities for lifting all people from poverty equally while ensuring individuality are there than education and opportunity.  That's what these tools bring.