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I believe one of the most important aspects of cultivating creativity is embracing failure and knowing it's a good thing. If we fear being unsuccessful we will never be successful. We can't fear having a bad idea or putting ourselves out there. Bad ideas must be there to have good ideas. In fact, sometimes the good ideas generate from the bad. We must not fear failure.

Picture this: A bunch of people are throwing out ideas for a project and someone says an idea that everyone else laughs at. That laughable idea sparks something in someone else's head to then come up with a fantastic idea.
What if the first person never said that bad idea because he/she for fear of being laughed at? We wouldn't get anywhere in this situation let alone any others.

This is a minor example but I believe people in general need to embrace and be proud of their failures, in all aspects of life. As long as you had good intentions and gave it your all - you should be just as proud of your failures as you are your successes. Don't we learn the most by failing anyway?

If we cultivate an environment where we teach our kids to embrace failure - think of the things they will be willing to do without worry of being different, weird, bad, or unsuccessful. Confidence will be inevitable! The less fear of failure you have the more confidence you will have.