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A great insight and solution to a very real issue.


mitch commented on RISE Products

Hi team,

Are there parallels food recycling initiatives in cities that could be used? I imagine they'd have a standardised process that would  provide a potential best practice process for the logistical part of this idea. 

Could someone in the group put this model into an business model canvas so that we can see how the business works within a frame? I'm just trying to understand the where the money in the business is? e.g., what is the disposal cost of the boutique brewery? And what is the value of the by-product to the brewer in its final form? Simply, does the brewery pay a cost to offload their by-product? Or does it rely on them giving it to you for free? Lastly, just to be clear, is this offering essentially a business that makes products from spent grain? 

Progress is looking great by the way!

Hi Yilin Liu 
It'd be cool if you could create symbols that bode closer to a) use-by-date and b) donate by date. In addition, it would be great if you could show the relationship between the two elements too - i'm referring to extending the triangle and heart symbols. 

To team, 
Just to clarify, is the target audience consumers who want to give half eaten or unopened packaged food to a store for free/fee? Where that product is then sold? Where do the proceeds go? Or is the target audience, supermarkets themselves? And the proposition is to create a secondary market for food formats such as perishables? 

I'm am just trying to ascertain is this a franchise model (in that it builds stores that sell donated product), or is it a trademark standard business that ethically conscious brands can buy into? Either way, there are two assumptions that need to be better understood. First,  are supermarkets likely to view this IDEO  idea in a favourable light i.e., trying to take market share? Second, if this relies on logistics, what are the costs associated to drop off points or delivery services? It should be noted that any logistics will rely first on the the offering being adopted. Lastly, if you were to name a progressive state, town, city to test the offering where would you like to do it? 

I think it's a great idea, but there's still a lot of work to do around understanding what market this idea can slot into with the most ease. What current offering (product or service) would see the most value in this idea? Who needs this offering the most? What is the biggest annoyance for people in this context? Is that consumers don't currently have a way of optimising efficiency of this utility? 

Could someone possibly put this into a business model canvas to build and feed off?

Best regards,