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Provide free home heating, with no resource usage or pollution, for life.

Provide free home heating, with no resource usage or pollution, for life.

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Kelly commented on Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator

Delighted to list Rational Intuitive IVS as a partner, but also would like to list individuals to show the skill set and personalities involved. Investors look at both - so we should show both I think. I can just put in RI as a team collaborator and list individuals under that so we get the best of both approaches. Will that work? If so, send me your bios.
Do you have LinkedIn profiles?

You had mentioned a storage solution integrated into your collector - concentrator. Do you have documentation on that?

In terms of mutual promotion - that is a good approach and I heartily endorse it.
I have seen ICO fundraisers that combine multiple companies and ideas - they do well - that is an idea to put out there to your partners.

Contact me when you return to Denmark and we can talk on Skype and consider how to move this ahead. Very exciting.


Kelly commented on Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator

Hey - I've been offline for a week - apologies for the delay in response.
From my perspective, I am trying to build a public team for the presentation of fundraising for a business system. This would be based on franchising of units and using a tokenized share structure involving cryptocurrencies. I'm working on a white paper describing the business structure and offering circular information. If you'd like to look that over, I can link it here or post it here.

I'd like:
- to list you as team members - meaning I'd need bios and listing on LinkedIn.
- A technical paper for the details of the system - can be extremely technical as it will add credibility and be focused on experts. Included would be estimates of efficiencies and quantity of heat and heat storage potential.
- A development roadmap.
- Estimated costs of builds after technical development - with breakouts for materials, equipment/machinery, and labor. Any thoughts on economies of scale
- pre-built equipment description that can be shipped to field installers

I'd like to meet on Skype because I strongly prefer to speak with people personally and get to know them a bit.

If my part of this works, then it should provide a high level of funding for technical development - we'd need to discuss your needs vs what is feasible.


Kelly commented on Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator

Thomas and David,Kelly Mitchell here with WarmLife. Thanks for getting in touch. It's awesome that other people are thinking along these lines. I'm still at concept, research and design level in terms of the technology, so you're probably ahead of me there. My expertise is in business development and financing. I'm a cryptocurrency analyst and I'm looking to start WarmLife on that basis. A well-presented project (I can do that part) with a good team could bring in around $8 million in funding, by my calculations. I'd love to join forces - in in fact, I've been looking for a dedicated team in my free time.You can email me directly at or contact me on Telegram @misterkel Hope to hear from you soon. Sounds like a cool project you have going - definitely a Proof of Concept for me!