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Hi Melat, 

Thank you very much for the thoughtful, interesting feedback! 

I totally agree that the clubs will benefit from having a bigger picture understanding of the food production/consumption/wasting process and knowing how to access local/organic foods that are sustainably produced. There are many initiatives in Toronto around this, including those spearheaded by the City of Toronto, to easily draw upon. The project will of course focus on the main theme of reducing food waste in the home-kitchen but perhaps with an introductory or occasional diversions to the overall food production/consumption process. 

Thanks for bringing up the food banks! I think working with them is certainly an interesting idea and I can see how the scope of the project can expand over the longer-term to include knowledge building around food waste tailored for such types of "commercial-like" or "industrial-like" kitchens. There is usually a lot of waste generated in these kitchens and there is certainly the need to combat food waste there. I recently did some volunteer work for a charity kitchen which functioned very much like a commercial kitchen and I saw firsthand the volume of waste that was generated daily. Managing waste-free food shopping/storage and meal preparation in that scale is something of a beast! And I am certainly motivated, especially after my experience working in such kitchens. I think perhaps this makes for a great opportunity to increase the project scope down the road, whilst in the beginning phases the focus will be more around household kitchens. In any case though, the clubs will be open to the public so those working in commercial/industrial kitchens will be more than welcome to join and hopefully apply some of the knowledge gained to help minimize food waste in their respective kitchens.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts! And I will keep an eye out for that book!  

Hi Jan, 

Thank you very much for the great feedback! The IdeaLab is exactly the kind of platform that would help this project kick-off, hopefully with the support of other partners such as The Toronto Food Policy Council as well. I am currently looking into this with the Toronto Reference Library. 

And I totally agree with your suggestion about including diverse cultures in the club memberships. In fact that is part of the project design and the reason behind targeting two to three diverse neighbourhoods. Toronto certainly offers a unique opportunity for this type of programming with diverse ethnic participation and makes for an ideal place to test this idea for scaling-up in other parts of the world. I love the idea about tastings of various dishes! Thank you once again! 

Great project, Kaitlin! Although your project is centered around reducing/eliminating commercial food waste and mine is around household kitchens, we both seek to create partnerships! I love your idea about creating a network of food waste warrior "consultancy" and the notion of getting to "hidden" industries that generate food waste. Looks like a promising business model - I hope you are able to work it out. Good luck finding and partnering with businesses doing similar work as you! I would love to hear about the progress of your project.