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Misha commented on System for reuse of plastic sachets


Thanks for sharing the link. This is an interesting example and it would be great if Unilever is willing to replicate something like this in India. As far as the proposal is concerned:

1. At present there is no market for empty sachets in India due to lack of bulk availability and poor quality of plastic used. Hence, I intend to explore the potential of creating such a market under this project. Empty sachets (any kind of sachets) would not only be dirty but would also be torn off at places and hence, cannot be used in their present form. Through the company or through local entrepreneurs, I intend to explore the potential of recycling these empty sachets (for making other plastic products). There are some recyclers who MIGHT be interested in this (only in bulk quantities) and if the proposal is shortlisted, I will discuss with them in further detail.

2. Regarding the economics of the proposal, the numbers given here are indicative. The actual amount would depend on who agrees to buy the sachets and for what purpose. But broadly speaking, if the users sell the empty sachets to LCS for Rs. 2/kg, the LCS would sell it to the company/entrepreneur for Rs. 1.5/kg. The company/entrepreneur would then use this plastic to reduce the expenses incurred on purchase of virgin plastic material.

Hope I have addressed your queries.


Hi Kate,
This is intended to act as a part of a redesigned format where the kabadiwalas would be steering households to segregate and store small format plastics as well as large format plastics. But if this is not in the scope, then I can redesign this for the ideas stage. Hope that would be fine. Let me know how the proposals flow from the research phase to the ideas phase.


Misha commented on Group discussion on Plastic 'Resource' Management

Hi Ratna,
I think it would vary from vendor to vendor and area to area as Delhi is a very big and heterogeneous city but largely speaking my experience has been that of 20 kabadiwalas only one or two would be taking plastic waste and these kabadiwalas don't usually visit houses like the other kabadiwalas. The other kabadiwalas usually don't take most plastic items, including plastic bottles, which can be sold at good rates!