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Michael commented on Global Dream Wall

I think this can be a great idea, its like the movie bucketlist.  Often people feel more apt to do something when there are others willing to be there with them.  This can help people get out of their comfort zone, and make some new and interesting connections.  

I wonder if there is also a way to bring the bucket-list to the people they love so that they can spend time with them.

I also wonder if this can help people with estranged relationships find ways to reconnect to the people they miss.


Michael commented on Glimpse - The Future of Your Memories.

Great concept, I just sense that when people go and check their videos, it is very personal, almost like a live photo-book.   I really enjoy the ideas of having it prompt during particular times in life.  I wonder if adding "chapters" to it would be helpful, so people have easy access to what it is they want to witness.  

I also wonder if other things outside of video can be held in this digital photo-book such as pictures, recipes, poems, and so on, making it into a large scrap book.  There can also be lots of suggestions for what people may record.  It may even turn into a way of monitoring and memorializing a family tree for generations to come.  

Another idea is to have the person upload certain things that are sent to particular people after they have passed, like a goodbye letter.  


Michael commented on CODA: Turn Spotify into an accessible music therapy tool

I like this idea.  It brings together several elements that people attach to.  First a personal story that is important to them.  Second is a song that creates a particular feeling/mood.  Then it has visual cues that help anchor down the experience in their mind.  The song is associated with a story and pictures which brings multiple pieces of communication together. This is what movies and shows do all the time to invoke others to experience a particular feeling.

I also wonder if there could be an involvement with the other sense to have a greater connection to the experience?  Perhaps a suggested drink/snack/food to have while watching the video, or lighting a particular candle/incense to have a particular smell occurring, or feeling a particular type of material.  

Not sure if that is the answer but it would be interesting to tie in as many senses as possible so that all forms of memory can be associated with that experience and person.