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Thanks for the suggestion to add the image, I hope what I have put together will serve some purpose. And didn't have any problem uploading :-)

Images of the paintings collected by doing google search and just putting them next to each other.. I hope there won't be any copyright issue :-| .. I have emailed the image owners asking for permission though.

I love this challenge, not just because it's complex, but imagining the worth of the problems, and the value of the Solutions are mind boggling!

I'm sure all participants and even audiences of this challenge are as excited as I am - just thinking about the positive impacts all the contributions (for the challenge) CAN have throughout the world, for better life, better living.

The human race has seen enough episodes: from war to monarchism, invasion to capitalism (global warming is connected to it, no?); well, nothing has worked quite well to bring peace and harmony to the human kind.

Now the beauty of this challenge and the contributions associated with it Can bring 'The Green Life' for all of humanity! You know, how the concept of 'Green/ going green' is - doing the right/ good thing :-) ...

And as I am new at OpenIDEO, what I'm loving the most is the collaborative approach - simply awesome!

Agreed, Barbara :) ..

And I think, the ideas/ solutions that can convert passive citizens to active contributors - may essentially solve some other concerns like 'collective problem solving', 'looking out for each other' etc as well.

Fast paced cities like Singapore call for hectic schedules and busy lives - which turn citizens passive, I suppose.

However, I am pretty sure each an every one of such passive citizens surely have concerns, thoughts, wishes, dreams to make their lives more ... joyful!

NEA (or other similar govt. bodies) will have to ask the Singapore citizens the right questions - about 'What THEY want' (citizens) and perhaps even the 'How to' as well.

With the right kind of questions and questioning scheme, and thorough analysis of the collected data - NEA might just get another step closer in making SingaVille - the Modern Village of Singapore :D !

The inspirations will be really helpful ;-)