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Love the mantra. And totally agree! I've see both sides of that shadowing coin and was grateful for the experience on either end.

One piece of feedback --> (Apologies if it is duplicative)

It's often challenging to make a strong brand promise/set expectations/control quality with services where you don't have control over the in-person experience....

How might you create consistency of the in-person experience for "One Day..." by selecting and empowering the best hosts?

In your piloting and ongoing research, it might be helpful to dive into analogous projects (Airbnb, Skillshare, EatWith) to see the ways in which they vet/prepare their host providers. What "signature" experience components do they ensure occur? How are they expanding their experience lifespan (airbnb)? You could also pick the brains of similar programs at various university alumni associations or high schools. They probably have many learnings to share from shadowing programs that already exist.

Understanding the way in which you build these memorable experiences and relationships is crucial to the core to differentiating and scaling the "One day with..." program.

Best of luck!


Melanie commented on Raise Your Flag

Might be interesting to talk with the folks from SkillScout.

They help develop youth employment pathways by articulating very specific skills needed in the workforce and connecting them to jobs.

The original research for the project stemmed from an engagement with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation by innovation firm gravitytank for their New Options Project ( Their project project ( has transitioned to skill scout.

Thanks for the note, Rachel! It's great to see you connecting it with friends' relationships to siblings. Right on. Being the "older sibling" or "older peer" is such an interesting balance of carving your own path and patiently and thoughtfully encouraging others.

I am sure there are many ways your 5th grade class interacts with & inspires younger students. I look forward to hearing your ideas for hope to build creative confidence across all generations.

(hint: You might not always realize it, but you and your peers can do a lot to inspire your parents, teachers, and other adults to be more creative!)