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David commented on Laughter Cam.

I certainly think this would be a good addition to my corporate workplace! I think laughing in particular with your co-workers opens up a personal connection with them too, as too often, people put on a poker face that's hard to connect with. Laughter conveys on a personal level emotions that few other emotions can do!

However, I do wonder what the long-term effects of the program would be? What is a good way to maintain interest in continuing to laugh when the novelty runs out?


David commented on Fitbit for Families

Great idea! At my workplace, we recently started a charity event where the company distributes trackers to those who sign up for free so that their steps are counted. There had certainly been a lot of interest to participate in the scheme when the tracker itself has such a low cost (zero). Since each step also contributes towards a donation to charity, many are even more motivated, as the results of their activity and healthy living doesn't only result in a less obvious, more latent and vague improvement in their wellbeing, but also result directly in a measurable, to scale benefit for charities!


David commented on Reframing the decision point

Taste wise I think there's no difference. When you put it all into the pan/wok it's more of the condiments that determines the taste. Keep in mind the food is not cooked before hand, it's simply "prepared", i.e. Washed and chopped/diced/sliced. So the food when I eat is is really made just the night before. The only remark I've had is that it was the healthiest thing they heard when I said today I have chicken thighs, lentils and kale for lunch! I could imagine much less acceptance if it was a case of I cooked it all on Sunday and had put it in the fridge for 4 days. I don't know how much I save, since it wasn't the main motivation anyway, but a purchased meal should cost upwards of £5.