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Maryalice commented on Samagra (समग्र)

Like many of these other commenters, your idea stood out to me because it focuses on the psychological issues around sanitary toilets, not just the infrastructure. I also like the concept of incentivizing people to use the loo with a reward system that involves financial rewards. Instead of only paying back those who invest in the system with money, have you considered offering rewards to users who volunteer to keep the spaces clean? I agree that things that everyone owns are actually owned by nobody; could you come up with a system that keeps track of teams who do things such as wash the floors, clean out the stalls, etc., overseen by your loo leader? That way, you could incentivize people to carry out they very behaviors you are trying to ingrain into habits, without the added risk of fraud associated with financial exchanges.


Maryalice commented on CrowdFood

I like this idea! It actually reminds me of some of the venture capital firm sites that are sprouting up around the world that invite startup businesses that cannot afford brick-and-mortar facilities to rent office space. By sharing a building with communal offices, conference rooms, cafes, etc., startups are able to try out their ideas, identify funders, and expand. I never thought of using a similar model for agriculture and I see a lot of potential with your concept. 


Maryalice commented on #CommPlumbing

Hi Sean - I really liked your post and your decision to host #CommPlumbing in a local community that needed your help. I have worked in government and academia and I see so many of these conferences about international issues held in cities that are at the forefront of solving global problems -- not the cities that could use the most help or the tourist dollars often generated through these conferences.  Could you clarify whether any current #CommPlumbing project managers remain in Nashik today, or whether there are any plans to return there to build upon the conference you already had to see if the solutions and training you provided are growing and making a difference? Or is your plan to hold a conference in a different community every year? I think both strategies are important so that more people can benefit from the knowledge you provide, and more sanitation problems may be eradicated when your experts follow up after an initial launch to make sure your solutions are "holding water."