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Dear Charles Darwin Foundation,
Please consider participating in the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). Have the Decade's planning address your fishers’ concerns and plans for collaboration. “… the fishers feel very worried about climate change but are not ready to face it. The fishers propose to improve the collaboration with scientists and the government in order to have an adaptation plan for fisheries, which co-creation spaces on our vision address.”
One easy way to get your fishers’ preferences into the Decade’s planning: reply to “Creating a survey” posting at: Later, when the survey is running, ask your 25 fishers to make their voices heard by taking the survey.

Would you like the MSWord draft of the survey in advance of replying on the UNESCO site?

Engineers have blind spots? (Just kidding. My family calls me the tactless one for a reason.)
Would you be so kind as to join the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development? Even better, edit our draft living document "Concepts for the UN Decade..." or our draft "Restoring 300 ppm CO2 while achieving Sustainable Development Goals"?

Tangential topic - I would like to see a picture with a few O- blood donors and many who received the O- blood when they were premature babies. O- is the universal donor. Premature babies don't need to have their blood type checked before receiving O- blood. Each 500ml donation is spread into four bags of 125ml each. The ideal picture has lots of people diversity. Ironic because the point of the picture is that people are people. Blood really is thicker whatever. Maybe OpenIDEO can run a contest for the best picture and caption.

Dear Charles Darwin Foundation,

Congratulations on being the only ocean-based entry to make the top 79. Your Systems Approach write-up does look to be the best of the bunch.

As you refine, feel free to lift information and concepts from our entry: Total Ecosystem Aquaculture (Oceania, Fiji) and/or connect with the other ocean-based entries listed below. If you find it helpful, include us in your list of stakeholders. We, OceanForesters, will not ask for a share of the prize money that we hope you win.

We are mentioning your entry in a document we are preparing for the UN Ocean Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

Email markcapron at oceanforesters. com and jimstewart at oceanforesters. com for emailing documents or setting up Zoom or Skype calls. (email addresses are altered in hope of avoiding robots)

We, the OceanForesters, detected the following ocean food system entries:
• Ocean Gardens (Africa, Canary Islands)
• Ocean Nourishment (Africa, Senegal)
• Ocean Orchards (Asia, Malaysia)
• Ocean Food Systems (North America, Maine, USA)
• Shellfish to Save the World (North America, Maine, USA)
• Autonomous Aquaculture: … (North America, New Jersey, USA)
• Sustainable Manjua fishing… (North America, Guatemala)
• Marine Forestation of the Shallows … (no location)