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Mali commented on Food for Education

Hi Wawria,
I am very impressed with this work. I have looked at your website and I note that you have a social enterprise element to your work to help fund the continued provision of food is this correct? I was wondering if you are looking at doing activity in secondary schools? Do you include food literacy education? Do you include training and educational links for the young people to finish school and become farmers who you eventually purchase from?
I work in food security in Australia doing food provision and education with communities who are vulnerable to food insecurity and would love to learn more about your work.


Mali commented on Warriors Without Weapons

Thanks Andre, If you want to look at a long term sustainable approach through social enterprise I have a few ideas, however if this is not the approach no worries at all. Some ideas are getting the students involved to pay/fundraise to participate which in the end supports the whole project to happen. I was just wondering what kind of project they have done? I went to the website but the projects are in Portuguese so I can't understand unfortunately.


Mali commented on Warriors Without Weapons

Hi Andre,

I would love to help anyway I can. My first thought is to think about ways this can become a social enterprise, thus sustain itself financially for longevity. In Australia a similar program exists which works in India and as I understand it they engage university students who pay to be apart of the process which then contributes to the whole enterprise and thus the community.
How do you think this could particularly respond to climate change issues? Which young people are you thinking to engage as the youth leaders aka what is their demographics, where are they from?
I am new to this platform so getting used to the best way to work through ideas and concepts, let me know the best way?