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Hello, Muaadh Abdo Saeed Ahmed, I really love how encompassing and wide-ranging your initiative is! Sustainable energy, social cohesion, and youth employment are rather pressing issues, especially in the reality Yemen is experiencing today.

As you know, with Taiz’s battleground reality, how do you plan on avoiding risks that may hinder the execution of your plan? Did you account for the possible damage that may be caused due to the nature of the environment? What measures of protection are you taking on this regard?

Also, I was wondering about the scale you are aiming to reach with the implementation of your project. Have you got an estimate of the number of PEIDs and host beneficiaries?

Wishing you all the best and eager to see your project develop!



Maisara commented on Dardachat: Student-led support network

Hello ben webster , I love how creative and far-reaching your idea is! I think it targets such vital aspects of life on the move beyond providing access to education, as it touches on the “human connection” aspect in host societies.

I have some questions and would truly appreciate your response:
1. Did you base your plan on an analysis of the targeted group’s possession of smartphones and/ or access to the Internet? What measures (if any) are you planning to take in order to extend this platform to the biggest percentage possible of refugee youth?
2. Do you plan on continuing to use Facebook as the connecting platform or do you plan on developing Dardachat into its own platform?
3. Are experts or education/ teaching personnel invited to these monthly meet-ups? Will these meet-ups be sponsored/ in collaboration with any education entities/organizations of host countries? Or will they be a “by students for students” kind of meet-ups?

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello isidore hakizimana ! I really like your idea, I think it is targeting a very big and detrimental issue that has sadly not received its justice in media coverage and political discourse.

I do have a couple of questions for you and would really appreciate your response:
1. As per the executive procedures and bringing this idea to life, do you plan on getting the approval of any legal authorities in the areas you’ll be working in? If so, did you consider the rather unstable political and legal situation of Libya, and the risks that may hold in carrying out your plan? And what are your measures of protection on this regard?
2. As per the steps to alleviate such problem, what are the key activities to be carried out and in what sequence in order to produce the expected result of returning these migrants safe to their homes?
3. You mentioned “guest houses” several times throughout your proposal, are you planning on setting up official sites on the ground, or is this going to be more on the informal end?
4. Do you have a supported study/ analysis of potential routes these migrants cross? In other words, how do you plan reaching the targeted group, or getting in contact with them?

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing from you :)