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Maike commented on Music at the End of Life: Songs for the Dying

This idea sounds really great! Just earlier today I read some report on the neuroscience behind drumming and being exposed to music, it includes a video in the end which mentions that an alzheimer patient was able to remember names when being exposed to music:
I immediately had to think of this and think maybe this is another aspect to consider: How can music help to ease pain and improve cognitive function with people that are suffering from diseases in the end of their life? 
It would be greatif this idea could be connected with people that are doing research/ projects in this area.


Maike commented on Empowerment teachers skills

Hanan, I like your contribution because it is a great reminder of the constraints we need to keep in mind. Technology is a great solution to everything but in some situations it is just not feasible.
So maybe solutions could also be about finding ways to better educate teachers? Find immediate incentives for learners and teachers at the same time? One immediate thing I can think about is inventing learning games a teacher can play with the students that do not require a lot of tooling. We also have quite some posts on game approaches already that could inspire some more...
In your experience Hanan, what did you do to motivate your students? What would best help you as a teacher to improve their situation? What kind of help would you most like to get yourself?


Maike commented on The Ideas Box

Great concept!! How did you handle bringing the boxes to those regions? I am not talking about shipping, but more about introduction/ guidance/ support... I can imagine that just the tooling itself is a good start, but not necessarily self-explanatory and easy to use without any support and guidance. I'd be interested to hear more about your experiences!