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Maryan commented on My [inte]gration Data Co-op

Hi, Alejandra Aguilera I included you in the emaIl I sent to the PTP team. Let me know if you did not get it.




Maryan commented on Refugee Voices Peer Network

Jessica Kirk-Bowman you are very welcome, keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Maryan A.


Maryan commented on Refugee Voices Peer Network

Hello Jessica, congratulations on making it the Improve Phase! I am the expert matched with the RVPN innovation proposal. I apologize for the late arrival of my feedback, I ran into some technical difficulties on my end. I am honored to share some of my experiences to help you improve in this phase. My feedback is below with a few questions to help me to understand more.

Q.1) In measuring the impact of these mentorship and peer network pairings for mentors/mentees, comparing the in-person vs. online experience, and comparing a peer mentorship model vs. a more traditional mentorship between refugees and the receiving community; how do we achieve our evaluation goals in a realistic and light touch way while still capturing the data?

A) For evaluations, in addition to your post-and-pre assessment questions, I would recommend adding a few questions that are asked by mentors to the mentee at the start and end of each interaction point. As check-in and check-out questions. This will do a few things 1. It will help the mentee to center what their needs are and mentors to target their advice/help for that moment. This would allow for the relationship to be impactful for both parties. These regular questions will also help mentors with evaluating how the pairing is going while, allowing mentors to collect a more thorough data throughout the process to better evaluate at the end of the mentorship. Questions can be adjusted/targeted for each experience model: peer to peer, traditional or online experience.

Check-in: (what do you need the most help with today? What are you finding most diffract? What do you feel is helping you to adjust today/this week/this month?

Check-out: how are you using the information you are learning? What would be most helpful to you next time? How do you want to be communicated with next?

Questions and thoughts:

What is the criteria and process for selecting mentors? - How are mentors identified beyond the Pool of “former refugees who are willing to serve as resources to new arrivals”? And what tools/trainings are offered to the identified mentors

I don't see enough information that allows me to see what an evaluation process could be like for the online experience -I would imagine for that platform it would be harder for new arrivals, who are in the process of adjusting to their new homes/communities/environments to utilize.

What would the online experience platform look like? How would you identify pairings that would use the online platform? Where is the need for the online experience?

Q.2) How can we best find or create and manage a low-cost tech platform for virtual mentorship and peer network interactions?

A) As for finding/creating/managing a low-cost tech platform I would recommend checking out the Progressive Technology Project PTP, they are a software development group rooted in social justice organizing/movement and they offer their pricing based on the number of contacts you need storied yearly. They also offer support/training/advice that best fits for your programming needs. You can check them out here: I think there is a great opportunity for collaborations. I am happy to make the connection if you are interested.

Q.3) How do we create mentorship pairings that span cultures while still considering language differences?

A) When considering culture and language barriers consider paring based on peer to peer model level. The peer to peer model might allow for berries to be broken down a lot easier, then the tradition mentor/mentee model. You can pilot with this and see how it goes, and make adjustments as needed.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me,

Best of luck!

Maryan A. Abdinur