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Your question Yele questioning your definition - septic -.
Is what found microphones organizations sets - septic -.
Is that the fact that the middle is - organic - so by nature - septic-
Is that the fact that the medium contains organic matter sets a mid - septic-
For example:
The septic tank. It has of septic that name if it attaches to the function of the septic, but she is skeptical due to the fact that it contains agencies-living dead-microphones
Is it septic because it contains micro organisms?
Is it septic because there is water
She is skeptical that there is oxygen.
No the septic is seen by the common only because it contains micro organisms.
So we must review this famous definition of the - septic -.
Is this a qualification, a State, a function?
In the case of the septic there should only be a function but who named it thus held that l ' State.
Our environment is - septic - since it is the basis of life on terree and without this - septic - there would be no life on Earth.
A septic seen from the form of State means that these organizations pickups are - alive-.
Therefore, that the Middle matches the - septic - biological - features -.
For example
The collective network of assinissement wastewater are not - septic - since the medium contains the chemical.
The Middle has lost his notion of living - and that one finds only the organic matter in the form of mud.
Is that the mud of excrement - septic-? not of course as a tank of nearly 35 years of use contains more than 900 kilogrames of mud. If this mud disappears not it is that the middle is nothing - septic - although it contains micro organisms (and dead).
This under means that even if an environment - biological - characteristics is not systematically - septic - I could go on debating the topic even when calling the following comment: our scientists have left voluntarily flat confusion on this term

Hello from the biological remediation to automatically a principle - septic-.
Yes they are - septic - tanks but not in the sense or you see because in reality we are living in an environment - septic -.
Yes it's an invention because it is differentiates all techniques that are nowadays using only the that - septic-.
Based on the principle that wastewater - septic - I don't use this feature because it exists but simply keeping it viable to do this why it exists: biodegradation.
In the process "Fosse Biologique"lyseconcept are activated between 14 and 16 - organic - aprametres all having a character of presevation of living micro organisms and their sustainability.
How do I prove that this function is reliable?
If an instant collection of liquid it contains in any area of the device is made in a process found residues of organic matter must demonstrate that compared to the place where the removal occurred, the works of biodegradation.
This can be done by a particular application protocol. But there is - biological - condition for the levy.
It can be done in common terms specific to domestic housing.
Which means that on the platform of an analysis of function of a process engineering - biological - we can't reproduce this condition d ' real use.
Samples must be taken at any time of the day and throughout the year. Therefore the results are transcribed on a diagram and the analysis shows whether or not the device has a function of purification.
Something else important: there must be in the same sampling period, take a sample of comparison between that input and one output.
An obligation of the physics: the density of a solid organic mass loaded liquid allowed us to put two tanks online. Has allowed us also to better control the flow between the 2nd and the 1st tank, but also to be able to decide on the result of work between the entry and exit of each tank.

The explanation above summarized cannot fully answer your questions there are additional documentation

 Hello Cj Kruse
In this post, we see the completely uneducated person of the biological phenomena that nature offers us. Take the case of the leaves of the trees. They fall to the ground, and the following year they disappeared. There is a process of destruction that MOTHER NATURE puts in place for this type of plant biodiversity. We must go back to the basics: any plant biodiversity is an organic matter. As soon as the cessation of LIFE in his body (circulation of the SAP from the roots), the process of his disappearance is committed. Off you should not see this process as a pure and simple disappearance. You need this approach: this organic matter feeds a living.
How the disappearance of an organic matter does to feed a living while disappearing. This is the complexity of nature that I will explain with an another organic material.
In the ocean a fish dies. His body will be eaten by all agencies scavengers microphones that make up the aquatic fauna. From the largest to the largest small.

With the plant organic matter is more complex because if some microphones organizations will participate in the feast, the disappearance of the plant is very fast.
The critical factor is the water.
A filter is absolutely not a Purifier. He holds following particles filtration capabilities. Except that it is used it is less efficient, more it is used more successful organic mass putrid and loses its - biological-features

We must read the presentation: I'm not saying that water is pure 98% I say that process purifies wastewater to 98%. Except that it purifies for 98% which is - biodegradable-. Urine is absolutely not - biodegradable-. Some body of organic matter are still present in fine particles. This organic material is beneficial for the enrichment of the Earth. It is good to reject in the environment.
However in part water wastewater hang out of the billions of chemical particles, (some are biochemical). Urine contains: urea, ammonia, nitrate, nitrogen, potash, phosphate, phosphorus, and many other little important components when it comes to the urine of a person. But when it's the urine concentration of millions of people these trace components are very dangerous.
Thank You