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Lynn commented on What can we learn from Alcoholics Anonymous?

I was pointed to this contribution because someone posted a great question to me - I was actually wondering if an AA-like model would work for this challenge as well. The angle I was suggesting is that those who need the most empowerment likely suffer from decision-fatgue . . . and having a "decision-buddy" might help reduce fatigue. I believe the AA model has been very successful. In this case, sometimes people are the "buddy" and other times they have a "buddy" to turn to. Anyway, just another angle in on your thought (which I think is very interesting).


Lynn commented on Reducing Decision Fatigue

Love your thought on health coach - it's a great analogy. We all know to steer clear of fast food but when your exhausted / depleted - sure seems like the right decision.
Also, really interesting thought on decision-making when less fatigued. The NY Times article linked to had analysis of parole and when judges consider you for it - let's just say you don't want the last time slot of the day, you want to be first! There might be a system for encouraging better decision-making. It's sort of fascinating - now that I know this exists - I try very hard to avoid important meetings late in the day (and I'm a night person). Thanks for the comment.


Lynn commented on Reducing Decision Fatigue

Well . . . AA might be a way to think about it . . . folks have sponsors when they need it. It might be interesting to think of it terms of collaboration. Sometimes you call a buddy who you need counsel, other times your called upon. Your question made me think that sometimes empowerment comes from helping others as well as receiving . . .