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Maiya, great idea! This very idea exists in Taiwan already. They have the garbage truck that comes every night at 7pm to collect the day's trash (Mondays and Wednesdays are Paper and Plastic, Tuesdays and Thursdays are Biological and Metal, etc.), There are many reasons it works. (1) The truck drives very slowly down each street and plays music like an ice cream truck does and makes it almost a subconscious race/game to get to the street and get your stuff in the truck. It somehow psychologically brings you back to your childhood of running after the ice cream truck and the satisfaction of making it there. But at the same time, this nightly ritual brings the neighborhood (atleast your building's neighbors) together. People end up seeing each other on a regular basis, chat about small stuff, thus creating more of a community, thus creating more incentive to recycle. (2) Actually recycling these things on the correct day and properly sorted is FREE... on Fridays when they collect the actual trash, citizens have to not only pay for the specific (expensive) bags needed to give to the trash truck. It has become almost "embarrassing" to be at the street with the pink trash bags... It's more publicly acceptable to be on the street recycling, because you are doing something for the planet and you are seen as an economically smart person. The only change I would make to this is add some type of app to be able to track the trucks' live GPS location... sometimes it was very hard to know how close the truck was, even though it was a similar time every night.