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Ludvik commented on BottleTap - Saving the environment, one pull at a time

I see this useful, but I think it should go further and address the paradigms of re-use and recycling to consume less packaging. How might we do this?

Pop-up buses are a great way to engage and interact with people. I believe there is a great basis for the success of this idea. Experimental or pop-up labs are very hands on, that youth will feel very excited about participating. It is great to see the deployment of this idea in communities that otherwise would not have this access, nor have the opportunities for youth to explore. However, I'd strongly recommend caution about how might we direct a pathway or connection for people that want to keep exploring and not to generate frustration by showing possibilities, and then removing the connection once the bus has departed.

The idea of getting people involved is fantastic. We're very excited to be working on a similar idea, involving not only the young generation, but the current professionals as well as the masters or seniors in every field to act as mentors. We'll be combining positive and negative experiences from the older generations to engage and excite or incite collisions with young individuals who's want to be on an specific track or field of study, and listed to the different pathways they can take from their peers or seniors.