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Project based learning is a new teaching tool that is being heavily touted and although I certainly believe in its benefits, as a teacher it can be very difficult and timely to create an execute a project in the classroom. If I was able to pair with a business it would actually reduce the pressure on my shoulders and increase the value of the project. Work smarter, not harder :)

I think the question of during the school day or after-school would have to be handled school by school - and what it would really come down to ultimately is transportation availability and scheduling for that particular school.

I know in our school specifically we have four 90 min blocks, end at 2:05 and then another late bus at 5:15. So we would be able to accommodate both during and after school depending on what the project needed - another school may only be able to do one.

Thanks for the support!

About 80% of my students are classified as economically disadvantaged - though many may not have internet access at home, the overwhelming majority have a smartphone with internet access.

I'm curious about that! What did the students learn from the experience? And how were you able to integrate it into your curriculum?

I have a dumb question, in return to your question - do you mean my question about trusting in high quality? If so, what I mean is, if I'm a business paying students to help me with work, I need to know they're going to do a good job. How will I be reassured that I'm getting what I paid for? And how would we get a critical mass of businesses to believe that in order to make this work?