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Thank you for the comment! I agree that the underlying narrative that other parts of the world receive through mass media is likely to be more overblown than in the areas where the Ebola is most prevalent.
A good point that the aforementioned Vox article ( touched on is that the fear may also come from outside, and unwillingness to trade with areas where Ebola has been could be an issue farther down the road. I realize that's somewhat outside of the timeline of this challenge, so I focused on the present conditions of places affected by Ebola.

With regard to possible 'rewards' that could be made available to communities. I'll begin with what I can imagine might bring my community together in a positive way, which is admittedly quite different from what may work in areas where Ebola is present.

Possible rewards may include:
- Inviting (and sponsoring) a local or regional artist to create a municipal art project in a common area commemorating the triumph over Ebola and the steadfastness of the community,
- Scheduling a celebration or gathering for the community to come and share their stories (Ebola-related or not),
- Sponsoring an event where new recipes from regional cuisine are created and shared, further encouraging safe handling of food so as to reduce further food borne illnesses,
- A sports (football) tournament, perhaps including communities (or smaller groups) who have been successful in education and treatment,
- A pizza party???

Again, I'm hesitant to prescribe any specifics to what might positively motivate communities at large, due to my lack of knowledge and experience with those communities. But hopefully this would act as a compliment to the necessary precautions and steps taken by everyone in stopping the current Ebola outbreak.

Let me know what you think,

Good job looking to other successful containment stories!

This was a very interesting read, and I gathered that there were "three key elements in the country's attack":
 - Fast and thorough tracing of all potential contacts
 - Ongoing monitoring of all of these contacts
 - Rapid isolation of potentially infectious contacts

I'm curious if there any other success stories from other organizations that we may be able to consider?


Daniel commented on Supply Rebalanced

That reminds me of the French supermarket that started marketing their less-than-perfect produce in a playful way while discounting it to reduce waste:

Perhaps it would be possible to sell cheaper vegetables/fruit that would normally be thrown away in most places?