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John E commented on Music at the End of Life: Songs for the Dying

I love this new idea. So real and concrete. The ability to make a real impact. I can see it seriously going places. Many places. Overwhelming possibilities.

I have very little experience with actual death right in front of me. As an artist, this is something I would be interested in, but also wary of. For some reason, it feels like the musician also needs to be trained in hospice care or have a degree or something? But that might limit the scope of artists who can become involved. That’s a conundrum.

You bring this up and yes, it’s crucial that a hospice organization gets involved. I think. Or is it? Is what you’re creating a service that contracts itself to various hospices? You have a relationship with various hospices and they offer you as an option to patients (are they called patients?) as they check in? Do they check in?

As far as the creative aspect, that’s a little tricky too. If I were dying and got involved with this, what if the song weren’t any good? :) I guess its existence alone is meaningful? Something after you’re gone? I get that. The concept of writing songs inspired by or based upon the stories of the near dying is wonderful. I would want to do it. Maybe there’s a privacy option for the patient? They write a letter or a story to a songwriter and that songwriter returns a song to them? Meeting is not necessary, but optional? Case by case basis? I see the value in both. Flexibility.