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VahshI commented on Innovation Everywhere | We Cause Ideas.

I enjoyed reading the scenario Andres. fun pics as well; especially the dancing ones :P

i'm thinking how one can make it even easier, such that more & more people want to be at the place in the right time. 

or let say it like this: imagine one posts a problem on the wall of a facebook page which has lots of visitors, "HOW AM I GOING TO REPAY ALL MY COLLEGE LOANS?"

 what will be the result? how will those large number of people react? would they share their own experiences? might there be some people who had some idea as well? or not?

now what will happen if in a central metro station where there're lots of people waiting for the tram, there exists some simple walls for writing & posting on it + a written problem: "HOW AM I GOING TO REPAY ALL MY COLLEGE LOANS?" what will happen in this case? would anyone contribute? 

I'm thinking this way so that we may come to a spontaneous system. since if it depends on some organization and lots of budget, it may not be that simple to handle.

what's your idea?


VahshI commented on IDEO Cafe Collective

great idea Anders. 

specially if you mix it with some events like dance & song which release endorphin, catalyzers of easy+creative thinking.

sure, i'm in to collaborate on this idea. please, lead me at the beginning in order to tune our steps. 


VahshI commented on IDEO Cafe Collective

hi Anders,

I like your idea and I had more or less the same idea here:

May I know your idea about it? as it's little bit more general than yours and i'm still not so sure if a crowd of different people may simply result in innovation or is it needed that those people know what's going to happen as it's indicated in your ideo-coffee-collective idea?