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Lluis commented on The Perfect Storm

Vladislav I really like the part where you point out the importance of feeling 'that you are not alone'. When life conditions turn against oneself and you feel alone it kind of feels like beeing at the very bottom; if you feel you are not alone the perception is different, as if you saw a light to hold on and get out of the well as opposed to sinking completely. And in the end what matters is your spirits, because it's what will make you overcome adversities; no one else will for you.

Thanks Christophe. I see your point and agree that the question you pose needs to be addressed to decide what info could be disclosed and which one should not be. My answer was probabily pointing towards a perspective that disclosing info is not necessarily a wrong thing to do. Information changes the rules of the game, whether we like it or not. And sometimes it cannot even be hidden. And sometimes it's not bad that it's not hidden. Anything we do against perpretators will inevitably bring a change in what they do. However I definetely see your point on at least the disclosers of such information, which are automatically put at risk. Name it 'an animal behaving in a different way and providing info', name it 'Wikileaks' or name it 'Bradley Manning'. And do not take me wrong with these examples, I am not judging anyone or any country, I am just putting examples on stage of things that happen after important information is disclosed. And this is definetly a point to look at.

Typung correction: 'I belive the fact that an area may NOT be accesible makes it more interesting for them to perpretate' Sorry about this, the tool does not allow for editing a comment.