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Lianne Kennedy-Boudali commented on A Grassroots Youth Campaign to Initiate Change – Updated 5/20/15

Hi Tori, great work to date! This is a very important topic, and I think your focus on social media is a solid way to get youth involved in a conversation about finance and money. I added some suggestions in your Google Doc, but here's a few points to consider. Teachers have a ton of mandatory curriculum that they need to cover during a given year, so you may want to expand your use cases to include non-academic community groups. In general, I see how you are trying to get a conversation about money started, but I am not sure where the actual educational materials would be (e.g. how people rack up credit card debt and why that's bad; how to assess the true cost of a financial aid package that includes loans; why it matters to save early). Are you counting on people's personal stories to provide those lessons, or will that material come from the external links to resources and available local trainings? As for finding an audience for your prototype this time of year, I would suggest checking into youth summer programs for teens at local rec centers (or even sports clubs) to get a captive audience.


Lianne Kennedy-Boudali commented on Community Based School Feeding Programme [Updated 02/07/2015]

Hi Daniel! I think your focus on engaging the entire community in gardening is fantastic. You'll help students get the food they need, and by involving parents, you'll deepen their commitment to keeping their children in school. Teaching new gardening techniques is a great hook to get the parents engaged. Do you anticipate that the gardens will produce more food than the kids need? Would they be able to raise money for the school or, alternately, use any profits for learning financial skills through a micro-lending program?


Lianne Kennedy-Boudali commented on A Bridge to Formal Schooling (Updated 13.07.2015)Prototypes and Feed back

Hello Robert,
Congratulations on putting together a program that addresses both the needs of parents and their children. It seems as though you have engaged many key stakeholders by working with refugee families as well as Ugandan teachers. I would imagine that the teachers' support will be critical in managing the refugee students' transition from the training centers to the national schools. Have you considered follow-up "camps" for the kids once they transition from the training centers to the schools? Perhaps students who have completed the training camp could return to the training centers to speak with newer refugees and inspire them to continue with the program. This would benefit your "graduates" as well, as they would receive community recognition for their own successful transitions.