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Lee commented on the power of QUIET!

Thanks for posting this! What a fascinating TED talk; now I need to read the book. As an introvert, the pressure to keep up and remain "visible" through social media sometimes seems overwhelming. Of course, it also offers a wealth of opportunities to express one's ideas through channels that simply weren't available in the past. How does one (introverts especially) navigate this dichotomy without feeling disoriented by the cacophony of "hey, look at me" every time one opens a browser window?

As a teacher, I've always instructed my students to do their historical research, but not to allow the work of others—especially the artists they most admire—to deter them from pushing through their own creative explorations. Back in the day, it was simply a matter of limiting one's trips to the library in order to impose temporary separations in the cycle of looking/thinking/making. Now, the library is everywhere. It's increasingly more challenging to create these separations (periods of reflection) amidst the accelerating inflow of information.

Mel, I'm sure you're familiar with this one, but a book that seems somewhat relevant here is "Art & Fear". Curious to hear your thoughts.