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Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if  you have thought about running this program within schools. Schools around my area offer a program similar to this camp where children who have experienced a loved one's death would meet one or twice a week and partake in activities in order for the children to understand and overcome the experience. I partook in this program when I was younger after my grandmother had died and I believe this was extremely beneficial in order for me to come to terms and understand what had happened without putting added pressure on my parents at the time.  


Lauren commented on One Man's Trash is Another Man's...Zika Combatant?

Hi Neshani, This is a great environmentally friendly concept. Would these traps need to placed away from living areas as they attract mosquitos? Also, do these traps only kill larvae and eggs?  My concern would be if they are placed closer to homes  there could be a potential issue that this could increase the spread of disease due to attracting  mosquitos closer to living areas. Thanks

Hi Chiara, this is a great idea. When I read this I envisioned using this concept in nursing homes where people could come and specifically speak about death. Many older people feel they are a burden to their families and usually hold back their thoughts from their family in order not to upset them, where I see this could be a way for people who are facing death to let go of their thoughts to someone who would be non-judgmental. An online platform would be good for technology savvy people although many older people would not have access to such an online platform, therefore it would be useful to think about how you could use this concept in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible.