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Laure commented on More Talking, Less Writing

Actually, I agree with both of you:

It is essential for a kid to communicate, and it's probably the first step to creativity! To be able to tell a story, be able to express what we think...

I also was terrified when I had to talk in front of people when I was a kid, partly because I was afraid to say something wrong, and I think that encourage kids to talk, to express things, is essential for their future life, to be confident, and to understand that it is always more interesting to say something than to stay quiet and to learn nothing. It is important to learn as soon as possible to children that every answer is interesting, that there are several answers, several possibilities.

I also think that every kid have a different way to express themselves, and that sometimes, it is also interesting to help them to discover what is their own way. Sometimes, there are children that are definitely not at ease to talk, but more to write, to draw, to sing... Maybe it could be interesting to have different way to answer at school, not only the conventional ones (talk and write) but also others, to encourage children to be creative confident.

That's a great idea Luciano, I think it is important for kids to be involved in the neighborhood/city, build things that they use thereafter. It means that creativity can lead to real and useful things, and that collaboration is essential to achieve something. We can even imagine a challenge all over the country, for the most creative and different playground than ever.


Laure commented on Creative children VS boring adults

The power of imagination is endless, and I think that nowadays children are too guided by rules, by the limits of an adult world ...