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I'm new to all of this so if I'm repeating another's thoughts. my apologies. My initial response is in line with Amanda Dobson's input about local involvement. The most successful liberation movements in history, e.g. Underground Railroad, Indian Liberation, Modern Civil Rights Movement, were built and controlled from the inside out, with insiders driving the movements, and outsiders (OFI-OFOs) assisting. Though the inside leaders - like MLK - were at extreme risk, their internal support networks were strong enough to continue when leadership was compromised. I think Red Flag, therefore, needs a "no-tech" component focused on building underground tag-team style communications networks of local leaders and citizens within at-risk communities. The networks could be structured in a crystalline pattern that allows individuals to pass information to each other directly and discreetly across geographic areas using multiple paths - around, across, inside-out, up (as with Christina Saavedra's wonderful red ballon idea) - with the ultimate objective of reaching an OFI-OFO. Pre-crisis network development towards this objective would be a critical part of the process. Also, you may want to incorporate GIS software into the plan to help with OFI-OFO location mapping. Beyond that I ask, when Red Flags are raised, what then is the plan for intervention?