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Good call on the chilli being blown back into the victim's face. Even deploying pepper spray needs some measure of assessment of wind direction and many users get 'hit' themselves. Further to this, how would potential attackers even know such a system exists and how quickly could you get media/community exposure to advertise this fact? Initially it may not deter anyone given that they are such an incongruous item. Would it also be like waving a red flag to assailants - "I want to test this thing out" and lead to misjudegement of who is wearing a normal bangle vs. a self-defence mechanism....


Lalitha commented on IRONWOMAN !

Can you please explain how this tool will be deployed? Is it kept inside a handbag (similarly to self-defence tools like pepper spray) and how long on average would a user take to access it, does it need to be attached to the hand in a special way, charge it, aim it and deploy the mechanism?

What is the potential (greatest) amount of harm that such a tool can have on a human? What are the consequences if a woman makes a pre-emptive strike on someone she 'believes' could be a potential attacker who is proved to have not caused her any harm - where does the law stand on this (I have my thoughts but would like to hear more from the Project group).


Lalitha commented on Let's teach her some moves!

Priyanka :) my first suggestion is to encourage all parents with daughers to enrol them in classes from a young age. I started as an adult and seeing the young girls and boys grow through the ranks, gain confidence self awareness, the ability to stay calm in situations (at home, school, while out with friends) impressed me. There is a role for Self-defence and starting young and continuing with it (we had father-daughter classes that were great - especially instilling it in the young girls that their dads believed they deserved to be safe, feel safe and take ownership of their safety).

As for classes for over 18s....will have to think on this as it takes a lot to undo the pscyhological and social conditioning that we females are brought up in.