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Joy commented on SMS Pregnancy Journal

This is a great idea! To build on Kevin’s and Vincent’s comments, I like the idea of adding an automated system with prompts. There may be signs and symptoms of problems that mothers may not recognize and, as a result, not communicate. Maybe creating a brief “what to expect in your ___ month” message for women to listen to at the beginning of each month would be helpful. The message would have information about what is normal and what should cause concern. This would give the mothers a baseline for what should be reported via SMS txt message. A mother could even text the system indicating that she was ready to listen to the message and the system would call her back for free (good catch identifying that potential cost barrier Kevin).

Something else that came to mind when reading through this concept was how to keep mothers engaged in the process. Personal contact from someone on the other end of the phone may help ensure a women’s participation throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Their interest may wane a bit without a little more interaction. This may be running too far into left field but adding a periodic call from the healthcare worker tracking their pregnancy might be helpful. It may help the women feel supported in all aspects of their pregnancy, not just emergencies.


Joy commented on Are you tough enough to save lives?

I really like this idea for a couple of reasons:

1) Because, in a way, it is targeted recruitment of healthy potential donors.
2) If you are recruiting at fundraising events (runs/walks) for cancer, participants and attendees likely have personal connections to the disease and are probably looking for more ways to make a difference. I worked for a national breast cancer fundraising walk and had the great fortune to get know many of the participants. So many of them walked as a way to make a contribution and were always looking for ways to do more. I'm sure the opportunity to become a registered bone marrow donor would resonate with this audience.

Nicely done!


Joy commented on Be the Match

This is a great concept. Playing off the idea of dating before committing is a really dynamic way to approach an information campaign. I like the concept of marketing registering for the bone marrow database as searching for a relationship -- it makes it feel ok to be casual at first with the understanding that things may get serious later.

I think this idea has a lot of potential. Fabulous job!