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Kali commented on UPDATED: Staying in the loop 2.0

Also found this caregiver app:

Interesting to consider the prescription interface (drug type, how often, side effects experienced, pharmacy, pharmacy location, etc.)

Also thinking about emergency type situations (other than 911) where the caregiver may want to contact another service provider, family member or doctor. So possibly having an emergency contact section.

Great idea! It appears that social networking among older adults/seniors is on the rise:

Perhaps the website could include a group or multiple groups that older adults and seniors could join through their own social networks like Facebook or Linkedin.


Kali commented on UPDATED: Staying in the loop 2.0

Hi Karoline,

In your prototypes it looks like the caregiver can leave notes for each of the provided services. Perhaps there could be an option for the elder to leave a verbal, written or video comment to a particular caregiver as well (whether that's a thank you, a reminder, or a note about something they may want done differently during the next visit)? It could pop up directly under the caregiver's notes for that particular service.

In terms of the feedback tool, perhaps there could be a quarterly/bi-annual feedback survey that automatically pops up for each caretaker (after a certain period of time is spent with the elder). The responses could be anonymously uploaded to the caretaker's agency app and become part of his/her employment review.

It might also be useful to have a brief bio of the caretaker either under the photo or as a pop up when the photo is tapped on?...again this could help those who often have a variety of caretakers and/or those with cognitive issues.

I was also thinking about Universal Design principles and wondering how this app could be tailored to those with visual, auditory and other sensory challenges?

On a side note, I'm working on my paper prototyping skills and was wondering what program you used in the pictures with iPads and iPhones (was it photoshop)? They are fantastic visuals!