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Kristina commented on Understanding the Power of Shame
heres a link to the documentary about the mayor in Bogota. At 14.50 they talk about the thumbs up/down idea


Kristina commented on Understanding the Power of Shame

hmm. I get a lot of thoughts from Brad Filices referring to handing out thumbs up and thumbs down in the streets of Bogota. While i have been somewhat annoyed by how leightweight it is to "like" something on facebook etc, I think maybe maybe using the same system in "meatspace" could be really interesting. I have been into similar situations as Marika and how great wouldn´t it be to be able to easily stick a big thumbs down sticker to the back of a guy trying to rub his leg against yours sitting next to each others in the cinema feks. It is so extremely difficult to accually stand up and yell at these "on the border" harassments. The harassments that are acted out intentionally on the border-so that the "victim" shouldn´t really be sure wheter it is an act of harassment or not. You don´t want to yell at someone who 1. you are not sure he is doing something to harass you. 2 You are not ready to deal with the consequences of making a scene. Leaving a thumbs down sticker at somebody or something could be a way of 1. letting this someone/something know you are not ok with it. 2 letting people in the surrounding know someone was not ok with this person/this thing.
Yes -god question-how can we rate our surroundings (people and things) and make this rating completely visible in the streets?
how to make these ratings elegant and not offensive?
How will this system be abused?
Is it not better to speak out to the face of someone who does something wrong?

opens for a lot of questins...

I am also wondering if there are other things we could try to transfer from social media to meatspace? there are so many tools in social media to talk to strangers, rate things, connect things etc. But in meatspace -where most things are happening , where we live our lives(debatable..) the tools are not so many. Or?


Kristina commented on Saving Strays and Promoting Confidence

I feel intrigued by the idea of matching two "under-dogs" in our society (women and animals) and make both parties stronger and more powerful by this. Definitly something to build upon in the idea phase.