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Kenneth, my NEVER stems from my very strong conviction on my statement. First as a Christian and Catholic at that it is against my believe and faith. It can be explicitly not even implicitly challenged based on the scriptures. The Law of GOD is first before human laws, etc. We cannot break GOD's explicit laws because we want to make the world a better place when we don't know where our idea would eventually lead us all to. If i as a Christian with all our known docility and persuasive method feel like this, what about our Muslim brothers? Do you know that immunization and vaccination had to be stopped in the muslim dominated areas of my country because they HEARD that it's the western world's method of reducing muslim population. do you know how many health workers that lost their lives till it was proven otherwise. Now we have an idea that will unite the Christian Faith and Muslims in opposition. Apart from that our African culture and tradition is against any form of insertion in the skin. Have you thought of such data being in the hands on a selfish dictator?

This idea will never work. Why? Most mass violence against civilians take place in Africa, middle East and Asian countries. And in these places, the people's culture, Religion, social values and Ethics are against this solution. It would only earn a very SERIOUS backlash to whoever tries to implement it