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David Pio makes a fair and solid point about public health. I don't think there is any debate about the negative health impacts of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. However, it appears that this is about recycling in general, not just recycling coke cans. My kitchen fills up with plastic bags and boxes from local produce as much as it does from aluminum cans. I recycle as much as I practically am able. To play devil's advocate, I would suggest that generating ideas for recycling anything and everything is an idea worth the challenge, You don't have to love the sponsor or the context, but opting out completely because it's not "perfect" helps nobody. Simply put, if you don't like coke, don't buy coke. I intentionally drink zero soda, but while developing scalable and transferrable ideas may help Coke, it can help a lot of other people and businesses, too. I support David's raising the bar, and pushing to do and be better. But doing the best we can with what we have on the ground matters, and often that is where things actually get done. If Coke is begging the question and supporting the research, I, for one, see an opportunity here. Let's go out and DO something.