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Kit commented on The Sandwich Game (Updated 8/23!)

This is an amazingly fun idea that would brighten everyone in the families day both in the home and connecting with your local communities. Hooray!
Being a mom, daughter, grand daughter, sister, aunt... are all thankless roles we play, doing what we do not because we will be rewarded but because we love one another. But there are moments when you just need a smile or a bright idea from someone else just like you and the sandwich game would bring it to you in a cool and accessible format.
I wish that my mom would have had a game like this to play when her mother was still alive. Caring for her elderly mother tore her and her siblings apart and took her away from me and my young children. She - and I as her support person, would have had so much fun adding a little more bacon to our days and maybe shared more time together instead of apart.
Great idea Lynn! I applaud your creativeness and ability to turn what could be routine daily care of young children and aging parents into family fun, bonding, and loving life!