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Kirby commented on Sustainable HVAC Alternatives

A veteran of Commercial Real Estate, I perceive this as an exciting idea with great potential. Let me explain. Early in the nineties, I was the leasing agent of an office building with certain unique characteristics. This building was surrounded by parking lots on three sides and a sidewalk along the fourth side, which abutted a divided highway.  There was no tree cover. The morning sun blasted the East side of the building; the midday sun pounded the top floor, and the west side was baked by the setting sun. It was impossible to effectively heat and cool the different parts of the building as the day progressed--and each time of the day, the temperature could change.

The owners of this building--and many office buildings, would have taken a strong interest in this idea as it could have acheived great savings from necessary year-round cooling.

Owners of Big Buildings spend Big Bucks on the cooling towers alone--electric bills come further downstream. If we can make those towers last a few more years, burn a few less BTUs on the margin--the savings will blow up arithmetically as we look at savings year over year over year. If we can defer spending on expensive infrastructure for a few more years, something like this will more than pay for itself.

Another sector this fairly shouts to is the medical, for this idea has broad applicability therein. Uncomfortable chemotherapy patients could be handed a personalized heating/cooling scarf, for example. Our graying baby boomers may soon find themselves comfortable in their own heating/cooling jacket instead of fiddling with the central air.

Who hasn't shivered while watching their kids play sports?

I remember reading that the number one thing married couples fight over is the temperature. That'll change!