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Kiran commented on Entrepreneurship and STEM Academy

Hello Nancy,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sure, we actually recruited from Kibera on the programme we just ran 2 weeks ago, it was great and we will increase our reach come the new year.

This is perfect, if we aim to be truly accessible to everyone, we really need to think about disability and how we accommodate. It would be perfect to have a chat in more detail. My email address is, shall we have a private chat and organise a skype call?

Thank you and I am really looking forward to hearing from you!



Kiran commented on Entrepreneurship and STEM Academy

Hello @OpenIDEO !
Thank you so much for the feedback!
Are there any stewardship plans or follow-up programs for graduates of your workshops?
Yes, on Fri 16 Dec we are began piloting our stage 2 program on our general program, which will be held in partnership with Metta ( It will be a 3 month and 5 day program, where we will have 5 days on refining the ideas and then 3 months of support from Metta. Metta will assist with the environment, networks and mentors and swivelBOX will monitor all participants via an online platform, where we will set them deliverables to be met. The final objectives of the program are to be in a position to prove concept and/or receive small start-up grants.
Who pays for the workshops?
Half of the participants are sponsored by corporates and the other half are paying customers. We have used this model in July 2016 and right now December 13th-16th on our general Entrepreneurship Academy and it is working. Sponsorships comes from: Chandaria Industries, Mums Village, KenyaBuzz, Let's talk money. We now need larger sponsorship to access more students.
Do you have any innovative business design plans or prototypes to incorporate broad and diverse participants? Subsidies for example?
Absolutely, our revenue model is a hybrid, half are funded, half pay. We target the ages of 15-19 from across the socio-economic spectrum. Right now in our class we have young people from Kibera (the biggest slum in Kenya, these students are on scholarship) and we have students from various international private schools in Kenya, these students are planning to go to university abroad. Nobody in Kenya is offering a program that brings young people from such diverse social backgrounds together. We have a variety of contacts and networks in Kenya that are helping us to populate the scholarship places. We have plans for third means of paying; students raise money which will then be matched by M Changa.
- Can you succinctly explain how the network of beneficiaries (parents, school administrators, students, etc) participated and informed the evolution of your idea?
We keep parents actively involved, we have a WhatsApp group where they can openly and freely chat. We run a parents evening during the programme so they can see what the students are up to and provide feedback. Finally we ask them to fill out a post programme survey. In terms of students we have a pre-programme survey and post programme survey where we don't just evaluate their experience of the program but how much they have learnt and if their mindset has changed to be more entrepreneurial. On our board, sits Dr Julie Holland the Head of Entrepreneurship teachings at the University of Loughborough who provides support. In addition, we are currently in talks with Stanford SEED because some of the founders of the D School at Stanford are founders of IDEO and we are keen to get their consultancy support on the training and delivery. The programme proposed to Amplify is a culmination of feedback from all the people involved.
- What outcomes do you hope to see & how will you measure progress towards those goals?
Our key outcome are:
- A proactive entrepreneurial mindset that includes perseverance, resourcefulness, and creativity.
To measure this what we are currently doing is asking them the same scenario based questions around each characteristic before and after the programme in the pre and post programme survey and measuring the difference.
- The knowledge and confidence to generate a viable business idea and implement it.
We test students on their knowledge of the tool in the post-programme survey & 6 months later.
- The tools to problem solve effectively and efficiently.
We test on the post programme survey by giving them problem and asking them to map out how they would solve them.
- The environment to develop strong communication and collaboration skills.
The participants are all expected to work in groups from the beginning and we ask them to consistently pitch throughout the experience to improve their communication skills. Again, we ask them key questions pre and post programme.
- A new perspective on the potential of self employment.
Again we ask them this in pre and post programme surveys. In addition, the 2nd stage is 6 months on and we are planning to run a survey again and assess their perspective on self employment as well as the outcomes above to see if they are still on the track we expect them to be.
- Cross -class and culture networking to help people build the confidence to penetrate the glass ceiling
When recruiting we ensure that we hit a cross-gender, multi-aged and diverse social group to participate. We rely heavily on partners for their support on achieving this.
- An introduction to STEM and Proficiency in scratch - beginner level
Again we shall devise a post-program survey to test their learnings and provide an online dashboard on scratch to monitor them.


Kiran commented on Entrepreneurship and STEM Academy

Absolutely looks really interesting, shall we organise a Skype chat over the next few days and we can explore potential ways we can work together? If so drop me an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!