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Tawfiq commented on My [inte]gration Data Co-op

Perfect! Good luck!



Hi Bruno!

Alejandra Aguilera is trying to solve a problem of POM affected by authorities abusing power and hot deportation taking place in a hostile situation and this problem is very similar to what is happening in the borders in Balkan root. She is building a data platform where migrants can place their testimonies, pictures, videos, and personal data to build a strong cases to identify human right abuses and address them.
In my opinion one way that this project can connect to yours is that you introduce this platform for POM in the Balkan root and at the end collect the data and use it to build a strong case with the help of your network of media and also potentially a legal case to address the human right abuse. However the platform not only has to be user friendly and compatible with the special situation of POM of not having good internet connection or strong smartphones, but also should give some guidelines to POM to provide relevant and detailed data so it can support the cases you will make. To design such a platform, your experience about the situation in the Balkan root is extremely valuable.
Once the designing of this platform finishes, it can be use in different places that have the same problem separately e.g: southern border of Spain, the border between Greece and Turkey, etc.
Hope that helps :-)


Tawfiq commented on My [inte]gration Data Co-op

Hello Alejandra Aguilera 
Please check this project:

I believe you guys can cooperate as they are dealing with the same problem you trying to solve but in another place in the world.

I put a comment for Valentina Angotti and mentioned your project. Hope this helps.