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Kerry commented on Forming working compounds, What element are you?

An app like this could could also facilitate by visualizing systems thinking - where do we fit in, how do we contribute? What are my strengths? How do I naturally contribute? I like it.


Kerry commented on Open View Morale Application

The company Atlassian has done something like this. See a write-up from the Management Innovation Exchange:

Here's a quote.
They launched at "Mood~App Ipad app. On a weekly basis, Ipads are positioned at all the exits of the buildings.

"How does it work?
"As people walk out of the office after their day at work, they provide their opinion or feelings by answering 'one' question. It's quick and people get instant feedback on how others have responded. We are able to measure the swings in moods, engagement and opinions over time and publish this online for everyone in the company to see. "


Kerry commented on Emotional Intelligence Coaching System

When I attended the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX), I heard Whole Foods CEO John Mackey discuss 21st Century Leadership as requiring 3 things: emotional intelligence (know yourself and your relationship with others), spiritual or values intelligence (be able to discern purpose), and system intelligence (be able to see value for the whole of a system, not just its parts).

When I rock climb, I learned to master my emotions - in fact, a lot of sports require mental training to be successful. I don't think work is much different in that regard.

The MIX's Beyond Bureaucracy Challenge, co-sponsored by McKinsey and Harvard, chose Pamela Weiss as an M-Prize winner for helping to create a Personal Excellence Program for the company Genetech. Read the story to see the amazing results: