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Hi Julie!

I read your project submission with great interest and also took a look at 

We have submitted a project on measuring resilience to urban heat in India, as there is currently a data and knowledge gap on how urban heat affects urban slum residents and how it can be managed at the city, community and individual level. To design effective solutions, we developed Individual Resilience Indicators (IRIs) that assess resilience to urban heat at multiple scales (city, community, individual), as resilience has to take place at all levels in society. 

With the IRIs we want to capture unique data to inform urban planning and help cities design heat strategies and implement local solutions that could include water stations, cooling place, amongst other. When reading your submission I thought the heat sensors were an technology that could be part of this 'solutions portfolio'. 

I was wondering whether you would be available for a short skype call to have an informal chat about your experience and identify any opportunities for collaboration? 



Katerina commented on #KEEPCOOL (Updated New Video 22/12)

Ha, that's fine! Did that help at all? Feel free to email me at


Katerina commented on SEWA- Spread the word!

Dear Aman, 

Thanks kindly for your comments. We definitely feel that resilience has to exist at all levels and is a complex mixture between both quantitative (ie access to services) and qualitative (risk perception, social cohesion) data sets. By collecting this information we want to inform municipal urban planning and decision making, helping cities prepare for heat and install solutions like cooling places, water stations and launch effective communications campaigns. We need to help them understand heat and resilience first though. 

The two examples you provided are great; are they based on the SEWA technology? 

I think the Open Signal example is very interesting and could be effective for combating heat stress. 

We have questions we need to answer as our next steps on what is the most viable method/technology to collect and analyse data and also send out messages and early warning signals? I think we could explore potential collaboration around these two main questions, to identify whether SEWA fits into the project. 

Shall we set up a skype call? My email is: