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Kyle commented on Work Experience Time Banking

If there really was a way to bank certified time, that would open a whole new world of possibilities. We would have a whole new type of competition. Two downsides are, 1.) The older you are, the more time you'll have - so a 19 year old won't have the same opportunity to succeed as a 30 year old. And 2.) I think this is great, but if the pendelum swings too far towards "measurable success," we'll have a bunch of workaholics competing to raise the number of hours rather than taking time out of their precious young years to truly discover what they want to do in life, and sometimes that requires space and time.

On the other hand, I interned for 3 years between the ages of 20-22 and it did me no good in the work force. Those were essentially "lost years." If there was a way I could bank those, I'd be really appreciative.

Overall, I would support this and agree, but there are a couple set backs.