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Kuan-Lun commented on Pocket Size Origami Tumbler

Hello Ismam, forgive me for the late response, the product more competitive In three ways

Most retractable cup on the market usually uses a vertical retracting method. Which means they are either tall and thick when collapsed or cone-shaped when deployed. Whereas the origami method will fold the vertical surface flat and will be much thinner when collapsed.

Origami cup are designed to be small enough to fit into your pocket. Unlike the reusable tumbler or thermal cup, you can travel with it without occupying your hands. In addition there will be no littering or return issue after use. Which makes the cup available even for an unexpectable occasion.

The idea of having a retractable cup is nothing new to the market. It is very practical but people never use it because it's either inconvenient or not fashionable. While most of the product on the market lacks craftsmanship, texture and looks like it was designed for an 8 years old child. The origami cups aesthetic is mature and entirely customizable for all types of occasion. For instance, the triangular mesh and lid


Kuan-Lun commented on Pocket Size Origami Tumbler

Hello, Saniya sorry for late reply. In response to your question, “ it does not”. In order to achieve its small size, lightweight, and compressibility the origami body has no locking mechanism. This type of design is quite similar to a leather bottle. The only things that keep it in its shape are its own material weight and the liquid pressure inside the bottle. In the meantime, It will still have the disadvantages of being compressible and easily fall over just like a fiber cup. However, it will be better sealed, reusable and more convenient to carry.


Kuan-Lun commented on Pocket Size Origami Tumbler

Hey, Phoenix apologies for a late response, I definitely agree with you, The lid’s locking mechanism still requires further development in order to satisfy its portability and reuse-ability (size & convenient washing). However, unlike thermal bottle or tumbler it was not designed for customers to contain the drinks for a long time. Therefore the development of the lids is negotiable but it will have to evolve based on the core concept, which is the origami body. Please let me know if you have any suggestion or solution I'm very eager to hear them.