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A very interesting and urgent topic, which unfortunately many people still ignore or simply are not aware of.

In my opinion, eating habits very much depend on the environment we have grown up – so mainly our family.
At young age, our main role-models are our parents. Further there is school, which is shaping our general knowledge about “anything, which is important in our lives” but how much do they teach us about sustainability and nutrition? It is being said that the majority of our norms and values are being shaped until the age of 12 years. But how much did we really learn about sustainability, consumption and the importance of local businesses before we turned 12? Nowadays we may say that not only children learn form their parents, but also vice versa.

A suggestion to this challenge is a focused education in schools about sustainable and conscious consumption of food. For instance children shall have classes/projects in primary school to learn how to “manage” their own crops - theoretical but also practical. They shall learn all processes from sowing to harvesting and realize the effort it takes to grow a simple super market product such as a tomato. By involving parents into these projects to support their children, a wider target can be involved. The message shall be to teach children at young age about food and consumption but also involve their families about the importance of our local famers who are being suppressed by the mass industry, especially the prices.

Recently I have started to deal with this topic myself. As a hobby I have started to grow my own veggies on my balcony. I have never imagined it to be so much work but I truly taste the difference and changed my attitude towards mass production. I realized how much effort it takes, can imagine the fixed costs farmers have therefore I try to buy most products from local farmers.