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Kennedy Likuya commented on Royal Zone investments limited Zero hunger project.

Thank you I will get in touch.


Kennedy Likuya commented on "Antodaya" through Food

Thank you so much ,a lot could contribute to our project in order to migrate the issues of climate change to both our farmers growing crops and also livestock keepers.
Climate change in.our region is now real,in.some cases there is zero in terms of production for the crop that can't with stand draught in livestock.also we have situations where animals move long distance to search for water and food ,we can learn from your experience on how we can be climate smart while also making our environment and keep good ecological features in a sustainable ways for generations to come.


Kennedy Likuya commented on Royal Zone investments limited Zero hunger project.

Thank you so much Trupti for your feed back on our submission,thank you so much for the great works you are doing related to draught migatigation measures and also mitigation of adverse precipitation leading to flooding,Zambia is divided in three ecological climate regions:
Region 1 with precipitation of over 1200 fro 1000 cubics of rainfall,Region 2 with precipitation of 800 to 1000 mm of precipitation in a season and Region 3 with rainfall of less than 600 mm of rainfall in a season and this is the region in which our project is.
The.issues faced in our region are related to adverse water shortages even affecting livestock and crops during the growin season.
The growing of full season crops which require a lot of rainfall in the season is becoming more and more imposible,the livestock have to travell in some cases too long distances to reserved water points in this case dams,and ponds in order for survive ,in travelling long distances,the issue of drought is worsened as there is destruction of the environment due to soil erosions and destruction of the enviroment,but because of our project ,farmers have an opportunity now to use options like zero grazing,holistict livestock and land management practices in order to preserve the environment from further deterioration by a way of watering the animals using potable water and supplementation them with concentrates of which one of the constituents is sunflower cake a by product of our production.