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Katherine commented on Deconstructable Cups

Hey Malik, I wanted to know to what parts of the cups get deconstructed and would there be specific centers for each parts?


Katherine commented on Empowering responsible behaviour through loyalty.

Hey Angie Caro and Team, I'm really interested in your take for the NextGen Cup Challenge. You mentioned that you would like to partner with cafe owners from Responsible Cafes. Would they be supplying you with the coffee cups? Also, I wanted to know if you're team will be coming up with a design for the recycling bins since as you mentioned on your storyboard that, a user can gain 10 points if they dispose of the recyclable cup correctly. How would you track this exchange exactly? Would the bin have a scan code itself?


Katherine commented on Eatable Straw( Cookies Straw)

Hey Ally Chang, I wanted to know how you would redesign the Cookie Straw so that Starbucks would want your product instead of sticking to the ones they already use. Do you plan to implement this idea of straws for other drinks such as coke? And how?