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Kate commented on The Art of Food Festival

I LOVE this idea! I would definitely attend such an event. I'm not sure what it is like in Australia, but I know that few Americans appreciate food and it is something that is taken for granted. Hence, the idea of bringing community together to share in the joy of fresh, locally produced food seems like a key element.

I'm wondering if the people who would be inclined to attend this event are those who already understand the relationships between food production and consumption? Of course they would be great attendees, but what about a special piece/push to build awareness for those who aren't educated about production? It appears that this market could benefit greatly from a fair like this. The event could be even more impactful if it aimed to change the habits of these people also.

Maybe taking this event to communities with less resources?
What if the farmers themselves created the designs and took ownerships of distribution the food?

Just thinking out loud...

Great call, I really like it.


Kate commented on UPDATED: Indigenious and Multicultural Recipe Book

Definitely think English-speaking/caucasian population should be included. That is Australia, right?!

Perhaps each page could have recipes, but also an opportunity for recipe submitters to offer greater insight into their culture/heritage through a couple of sentences or answers to questions...would definitely peak someone's appetite (no pun intended!) to learn more. They could talk food, agriculture, and other unrelated topics, but making sure they include the cultural element.

And, gives the chef some good reading material why their food is cooking...


Kate commented on Encourage young people to go fruit picking

oh no, in uganda with sketchy internet! sorry it posted so many times...